Objectives and strategy

To help improve access to quality medicines, QUAMED’s strategy is based on several axes:

  • To optimally use resources by pooling skills and human and financial resources through its network. • The development of a North / South network to facilitate sharing reliable information on the sources of medicines and facilitate the communication between key players in the pharmaceutical supply.
  • Rather than acting independently, members plan their procurement activities together and the results of these activities are shared within the network via the QUAMED database.
  • The availability of recognized expertise in quality assurance and drug supply.

Charter and ethics

Every member of the association adheres to the QUAMED Charter and considers access to quality essential medicines as a human right that is universal and inalienable.

QUAMED and its members are committed to making every effort to improve pharmaceutical procurement practices and to participate in increasing awareness about access to medicines.

QUAMED is not involved in any manufacturing, distribution or sale of medicines.