ACAME: PERFAPPRO Evaluation in Djibouti

Our consultant Chiel Lijdsman (first on the left) working with the team of the CAMME in Djibouti (QA pharmacist Meina Abdillah third from right) on the PERFAPPRO evaluation. This evaluation was commissioned by ACAME and executed by QUAMED. The evaluation is taking place in Comoros, Djibouti, Mauritania, Guinea and Niger

ACAME: PERFAPPRO Evaluation in the Comoros and Mauritania

Our consultant Chiel Lijdsman and Pharmacist Malika Djamadar working at Ocopharm in Comoros for an ACAME commissioned an evaluation of the PERFAPPRO program. Looking at MQAS standards. Pharmacist and consultant Jean Christophe Pelissier working with Dr Brahim Ould Saleh, Quality Assurance Manager of the CAMEC in Mauritanie working on the PERFAPPRO evaluation for ACAME.


Be-cause Health & QUAMED literature updates Ref. Twesigye G, Hafner T, Guzman J. Making the investment case for national regulatory authorities. J Pharm Pol Practices 2021: 14-16; Dear Friend, In the attached paper, Twesigye and colleagues make an important case that there is a need to support the strengthening of national regulatory authorities (NRAs), which play an ...

WHO Declaration for Equitable COVID19 Vaccines

QUAMED is pleased to have signed the WHO declaration for the equitable rollout of COVID19Vaccines. We believe it is a moral imperative and the most effective way to protect communities from falsified and diverted vaccines. The link for more information

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Proposal to RCE-VIHSCM

We are delighted that the RCE-VIHSCM (, part of the University of Rwanda, has positively evaluated our proposal to develop for them a Master’s Degree Program in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Quality Control. The proposal was developed by a consortium composed of QUAMED, ITM, Action Medeor and two other organisations. We hope to finalize the ...

CDC reminds us of Safety Measures against COVID-19

The advice coming from the CDC is welcome. Please follow the link: It is important to follow the CDC advice (wearing a mask and sanitizing hands) but also to make certain that the masks and hand sanitation products that we purchase and distribute are good quality products”. If you want to review the sources of ...

University of Utrecht Winter Meeting

On Wednesday we were happy to present our research on #quality in #pharmaceutical #supply in times of #COVID19, at the Virtual Meeting of #Utrecht Centre for Pharmaceutical Policy Regulation, together with #AnthonyBourasseau, RRavinetto, @ITMantwerp, @MedairInt. The meeting honoured us by awarding us for the best presentation. This encourages us to further develop our operational research ...

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