ACAME: PERFAPPRO Evaluation in Djibouti

Our consultant Chiel Lijdsman (first on the left) working with the team of the CAMME in Djibouti (QA pharmacist Meina Abdillah third from right) on the PERFAPPRO evaluation. This evaluation was commissioned by ACAME and executed by QUAMED. The evaluation is taking place in Comoros, Djibouti, Mauritania, Guinea and Niger

ACAME: PERFAPPRO Evaluation in the Comoros and Mauritania

Our consultant Chiel Lijdsman and Pharmacist Malika Djamadar working at Ocopharm in Comoros for an ACAME commissioned an evaluation of the PERFAPPRO program. Looking at MQAS standards. Pharmacist and consultant Jean Christophe Pelissier working with Dr Brahim Ould Saleh, Quality Assurance Manager of the CAMEC in Mauritanie working on the PERFAPPRO evaluation for ACAME.


Be-cause Health & QUAMED literature updates Dear Friends, The USP, Sabin Vaccine Institute and WHO organize on upcoming 15 March (4:30-6:00 pm CET) a webinar on “Quality, Speed & Equity: Delivering COVID-19 Vaccines to the World” (see flyer attached). Soumya Swaminathan, Chief Scientist at WHO, will be one of the speakers. Despite the current “webinar fatigue”, this ...


Dear friends and followers, Medecin Du Monde – France, one of our valued members is looking for a Referent for Pharmaceutical Product Management. If Interested click:

PFSCM Partnership

Exciting news! We are thrilled about our latest member PFSCM! The Partnership for Supply Chain Management helps donors, governments and public health programs to reach their goals of saving lives and serving people in some of the most challenging places on earth. They specialize in forecasting, procurement, multi freight forwarder logistics, pharma-compliant storage and end-to-end ...

MQAS audit of Asrames

Our auditor Anthony Bourasseau concluded an MQAS audit of Asrames asbl ( in Goma, DRC. That concludes our local market assessment in the DRC. We have visited and we will be working on the reports and share them with the participating partners and our database subscribers once the reports have passed through our internal quality assurance process.


Be-cause Health & QUAMED literature updates Ref. Twesigye G, Hafner T, Guzman J. Making the investment case for national regulatory authorities. J Pharm Pol Practices 2021: 14-16; Dear Friend, In the attached paper, Twesigye and colleagues make an important case that there is a need to support the strengthening of national regulatory authorities (NRAs), which play an ...

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