Audits, assessments, training, and technical assistance

QUAMED supports, develops and promotes quality assurance systems in accordance with WHO international standards for health professionals in LMICS.

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Webinars: Quality Assurance & Medical Devices

QUAMED has organized the 14th and 16th March webinars for its members about quality assurance and medical devices. These webinars have been facilitated in French and in English by one of our experts, Maria MOYA. Nearly 60 people participated, including quality assurance teams from central medical stores and regional medical stores of Madagascar and DRC. Thanks again ...

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Rafaella’s Literature Update

The following message is courtesy of Dr Raffaella Ravinetto, Public Health Department, Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, Belgium. Ref: Do NT, Boupha P, Newton PN, et al. The quality of antiretroviral medicines: an uncertain problem. BMJ Global Health 2023;8:e011423. Dear Friends, We are not very much used to discussing quality problems for antiretroviral medicines (ARVs), ...

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Strengthen quality assurance systems

Quamed commits to all interested players involved in quality medicines access. Our goal is to help you improve your quality assurance system by giving you access to the tools and essential informations you need.

We believe that by sharing available resources we will be the most effective and have the best impact.
Quamed is thus based on information and resources sharing.

Working together, we can improve supplying practices of pharmaceutical products and will have a bigger effect on the market and on medicines’ quality.

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