We have 36 organisational members and 24 individual members from different parts of the world. Click on our members’ logos below to learn a bit more about what they do

We also have more than 30 subscribers to our database. To subscribe to our database a membership is not necessary. We do call the subscribers our partners as they contribute financially to our operations.

In addition to the members and the subscribers, there are many organisations with whom we collaborate on pharmaceutical quality assurance issues and those for whom we do audits and assessments, develop and facilitate pharmaceutical quality assurance training and for whom we conduct technical assistance activities.


Our individual members

Our individual members in alphabetical order are: Tahina Andrianjafy, Olivier Andriolo, Wilbert Bannenberg, Daniel Berman, Jason Bower, Kashi Carasso, Sandrine Cloez, Joëlle Daviaux, Prosper Hiag, Hitesh Hurkchand Gamaleldin Khalafalla Mohamed Ali Laura Laughlin, Patrick Lukulay, Cecile Macé Arsène Ouedraogo, Christophe Perrin, Corinne Pouget, Raffaella Ravinetto, Benedetta Schiavetti, Daniel Vandenbergh, Edwin de Voogd and Ed Vreeke. They all contribute in their own way and with their own resources and expertise to the growth and development of QUAMED  

Our partners

There are a number of organisations that have subscribed to our database but that are not members such as WHO, USAID, MSF. We also work with organisations such as UNHCR (audits and assessments), ECHO (quality assurance policy), ACAME (training) and others.