QUAMED’s experts have completed a Good Storage and Distribution Practices audit at CAMESKIN ( ) and GSDP technical visits with two private-sector for-profit pharmaceutical wholesalers. They are still in Kinshasa. The picture shows our experts in the CAMESKIN warehouse. Friday one of our experts will be travelling to Goma and visit Asrames ( and the ...

WHO Declaration for Equitable COVID19 Vaccines

QUAMED is pleased to have signed the WHO declaration for the equitable rollout of COVID19Vaccines. We believe it is a moral imperative and the most effective way to protect communities from falsified and diverted vaccines. The link for more information


Be-cause Health & QUAMED literature updates References: Faiva et al. Drug supply shortage in Nigeria during COVID‑19: efforts and challenges J of Pharm Policy and Pract (2021) 14:17 Uwizeyimana et al. Drug supply situation in Rwanda during COVID‑19: issues, efforts and challenges J of Pharm Policy and Pract (2021) 14:12 Dear Friend, Proper supply of ...

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Proposal to RCE-VIHSCM

We are delighted that the RCE-VIHSCM (, part of the University of Rwanda, has positively evaluated our proposal to develop for them a Master’s Degree Program in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Quality Control. The proposal was developed by a consortium composed of QUAMED, ITM, Action Medeor and two other organisations. We hope to finalize the ...

Enabel: Access to Quality Vaccine

For our francophone colleagues. Please read the article by Jean van Wetter, Executive Director of Enabel. On important issues such as access and quality in the Covid-19 era with reference to DRC, ITM and QUAMED:

CDC reminds us of Safety Measures against COVID-19

The advice coming from the CDC is welcome. Please follow the link: It is important to follow the CDC advice (wearing a mask and sanitizing hands) but also to make certain that the masks and hand sanitation products that we purchase and distribute are good quality products”. If you want to review the sources of ...

Be-Cause Health Meeting

On the 28th of January, the Medicines working group of Be-cause Health met. The minutes of the meeting are availableon this page, under external documents, minutes of the working group: You can also use the direct URL of the document to link to

Medical Product Quality Reports by IDDO

Please do visit on a regular basis the IDDO site for information and to download their medical product quality reports. These reports are a great source of information. In the last issue, for example, they identified over 469 relevant articles that reported on incidents related to COVID-19 medical products. The articles covered more than 534 ...

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