Intro – What is QCP?

QUAMED has developed the Quality Certification Program (QCP).  Through the QCP we are offering wholesalers and manufacturers an opportunity to apply for a QUAMED QCP Certification for GSDP, GMP or MQAS standards.

Our QCP uses the technical criteria and standards as a set and defined by the WHO to assess the pharmaceutical quality systems of wholesalers and manufacturers. 

Our QCP certification will reward a wholesaler’s commitment to meet WHO standards and contribute to positively shaping the market to favour quality medicines. Importantly, we anticipate that wholesalers and manufacturers benefiting from a formal QUAMED QCP certification will be more likely to gain access to be selected by quality-minded purchasers.

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Organizations recognizing Quamed QCP certificate

The following organisations recognise the QUAMED GDP, MQAS and GMP audits and certificates. 

List of Quamed QCP certificates

A link to the list of issued certificates will be available soon

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Other certification or prequalification programs


ECHO has prequalified a number of wholesalers that can supply Pharmaceutical products,  Medical supplies, Food, Medical devices and equipment, Water & Sanitation and other products. They are called Humanitarian Procurement Centres (”HPC”). They are not-for-profit organisations specialised in the technical and commercial management of supplies and services necessary for the implementation of humanitarian actions. They can provide technical assistance in procurement or supply pre-established stocks, purchasing, or logistics capacity.

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World Health Organization prequalification program

The mission of the WHO prequalification program is to work in close cooperation with national regulatory agencies and other partner organizations to make quality priority medical products available for those who urgently need them. WHO prequalifies, Immunization Devices, In Vitro Diagonistics, Medicines, Vaccines and Vector Control Products.

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