QUAMED Call to Auditors & Experts

As we grow, we’d like to launch a call to applications for independent and experienced experts and auditors who are interested in becoming validated QUAMED experts and auditors.

We are looking for GSDP (Good Storage and Distribution Practices) auditors to conduct on-site audits of pharmaceutical suppliers, GSDP experts to perform GSDP technical visits, whether on-site or remotely, GMP (Good manufacturing practices) auditors to perform assessments of pharmaceutical suppliers using GMP standards, and MQAS (Model Quality Assurance System for Supply Agencies) auditors to perform assessments on pharmaceutical suppliers using the WHO MQAS and GSDP standards.

The aim of these assessments is to provide QUAMED customers with independent and documented feedback on the level of compliance of the audited organization. Assignments will be on a short-term basis, with some being between 1-5 days and others ranging between 1-3 weeks. Please check out the document below for more information on the qualifications required and feel free to share it with your interested colleagues.

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