We offer standard training modules and courses related to pharmaceutical quality assurance-related matters. We can also organize customized modules on demand to meet the needs of our partners. This can be on a variety of topics such as general quality assurance, quality management systems, suppliers evaluation, pharmaceutical market, planning and quantification and others.

We can organise the training in person at any location or virtually, whatever suits the needs of our partners best.

Upcoming QUAMED online training and support platform

Leveraging on our long experience assessing pharmaceutical quality systems of pharmaceutical suppliers and cognisant of the persistent gaps in implementing and ensuring different WHO standards for pharmaceutical quality assurance, QUAMED is developing a global open-access Social Learning Management Solution to build and strengthen the capacity of public and private pharmaceutical suppliers, National Regulatory Authorities  and individuals.

On the QUAMED Social Learning management platform, you will be able to learn about or expand your expertise on pharmaceuticals quality assurance, engage with peers, find, and download all relevant documentation on pharmaceutical quality assurance and ask technical questions and get responses from experts in the QUAMED network.

We are grateful to the funding of the Bureau of Humanitarian Affairs of USAID. We would also like to recognise, QUAMED experts, academic staff of the University of Western Cape in Belleville, the Republic of South-Africa, E-Quality Partners from the United States of America and Bee Skilled based in Haryana, India for their technical expertise in the ongoing process to develop the platform and its content.  It is our expectation that the platform will be fully accessible in the course of 2024.

Courses description

GSDP/MQAS course: Medical product quality originates with the manufacturer and is dependent on the use of high-quality raw materials and adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) throughout product production. Product quality must then be maintained throughout the transportation, storage, and distribution systems through which the products move.

This course on Good Storage and Distribution Practice (GSDP) and Model Quality Assurance for Procurement Agencies (MQAS) will discuss the concepts of GSDP and MQAS and how they should be applied by different entities involved in the procurement, supply and distribution of medical products, and their employees. 

GSDP/MQAS inspector training course: Medical products may be subjected to various risks at different stages in the procurement and supply chain. In addition, substandard and falsified products present a significant threat to public health and safety. 

In this course, participants will gain the tools they need to inspect organizations which must implement and adhere to GSDP and MQAS.

These two courses are the inaugural courses. Other courses will be developed in the future on the platform.

Other Training activities

Rwanda FDA.

We are preparing a course on the best practices on how to conduct a GSDP inspection for Rwanda FDA inspectors.

A few other training activities over the past years:

  • Pan-African Health Organisation (PAHO): We developed, organised and facilitated a ‘GSDP inspection’ training for inspectors of the NRAs in the PAHO member states. The course was developed from scratch and was facilitated in English and Spanish.
  • Association des Centrales d’Achat en Médicaments Essentiels (ACAME): We organised and facilitated a remote training on ‘Introduction to Quality Assurance Principles’. The training consists of 10 2-hour modules. The participants were representatives of ACAME members and represented more than a dozen Central Medical Stores.
  • Training of NRA inspectors in Mauritania and in the Democratic Republic of Congo on the standards of a  to conduct a GSDP inspection.
  • In June 2023, we facilitated a workshop for ACOREP (DRC) on the use of a suppliers’ registry.

All our training modules are based on the WHO GSDP, MQAS and GMP standards.

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