Who we are

Our mission


QUAMED is a not-for-profit association with a mission to improve access to quality medicines for all.

QUAMED was formed in 2010 under the auspices of the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp with funding from the Belgian Government.  Since 2017 QUAMED is an independent, not-for-profit association, initially based in France, and now based in Belgium.

QUAMED is a global membership organization that brings together international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), pharmaceutical procurement centers, and engaged individuals focused on assuring the quality of medicines delivered in low- and middle-income countries

QUAMED has developed the Quality Certification Program (QCP).  Through the QCP we are offering wholesalers and manufacturers an opportunity to apply for a QUAMED QCP Certification.

Our QCP uses the technical criteria and standards as a set and defined by the WHO to assess the pharmaceutical quality systems of wholesalers and manufacturers. 

Our QCP certification will reward a wholesaler’s commitment to meet WHO standards and contribute to positively shaping the market to favour quality medicines. Importantly, we anticipate that wholesalers and manufacturers benefiting from a formal QUAMED QCP certification will be more likely to gain access to be selected by quality-minded purchasers.

Our goals and strategy

QUAMED is a North/South network, engaged to facilitate sharing of reliable information. We seek to foster learning and drive synergies by pooling skills and resources, both human and financial.

QUAMED leads the technical operationalization of tools that enable procurement agencies, development partners, and donors to respond to immediate needs for Quality Assurance of medicines while anchoring good practice.

By bridging international Quality Assurance norms and standards with the work of NGOs in the field, QUAMED helps to ensure that those norms and standards translate concretely to the delivery of quality medicines to patients – including in settings where implementing partners may struggle to do so.

QUAMED works in complement to and in partnership with ongoing efforts to strengthen regulatory systems, notably the Global Benchmarking Tool, in the context of work plans directed by local regulatory authorities

QUAMED works as much as possible with donor agencies to convince them to put in place a clear and binding pharmaceutical quality assurance policy for the health products they are funding.

Our charter

Any member of the association adheres to the QUAMED Charter and considers access to quality essential drugs as a human right, universal and inalienable. QUAMED and its members commit themselves therefore to make every effort to improve procurement practices in the pharmaceutical industry and to participate in a wider awareness of the problem. QUAMED is not involved in any manufacturing activity, distribution or sales of drugs.

Our team

Quamed members (individuals and organisations) have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, drug regulation and drug supply sectors in non-governmental organizations, international organizations and other institutions. They have worked, and continue to practice, in a wide variety of geographical and socio-economic contexts (Western Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe) in collaboration with organizations such as WHO, the Global Fund, UNICEF, UNITAID and large number of international NGOs and purchasing organisations.

In addition to the members, QUAMED has a network of external specialists that can be mobilized for consultations, technical support, physical or remote training sessions and other quality assurance-related activities.

Operational team

The QUAMED operational team is multifunctional and combines experience and knowledge from different fields: regulatory issues, pharmacy, economics, management, accounting, purchasing and supply chain management, quality assurance, administration, and communication.

Anthony Bourrasseau

Anthony has the overall responsibility of QUAMED’s quality assurance policy. He has a doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a master degree in Total Quality Management and Biotechnologies, both from the University of Angers (France). He has extensive experience working in GMP environment and is particularly experienced in conducting MQAS and GSDP audits. He also provides technical assistance in various public health projects. He has worked for a variety of organisations (NGOs, UN, private sector) in a large number of countries.

Angelo Urukundo
Angelo Urukundo

Urukundo Angelo is an experienced Program Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Digital Marketing industry. Skilled in creative and leadership management. A Bachelor’s degree focused in Mass Communication/Media Studies from Mount Kenya University located in Rwanda. Angelo is comfortable and interested in learning about everything Tech and marketing-related, his passion for technology inspires him to always look for the next best thing.

Chantal Uwamahoro
Chantal Uwamahoro

Chantal is a public health medical doctor with 15 years of experience designing, implementing and coordinating health system strengthening programs in the international development context. Chantal is passionate about health workforce development and management and her work in the past six years focused on scaling up training innovations and support programs targeting different cadres of health professionals in the East and Southern Africa region. Within QUAMED, Chantal is the responsible manager for the USAID-funded online learning platform.

Ed Vreeke

Ed Vreeke is a Canadian national. He has experience related to essential generic medicines and medical supplies is in the following fields: procurement and supply systems organisation, management, monitoring and evaluation, general management and organisation of Central Medical Stores, strategic and policy issues, business plan development, transitioning from government to independent organisation, development, organisation and management of tender processes, the conception of revolving medicine funds, performance-based financing systems, costing analysis.

Laurine Lavergne

Laurine is a pharmacist with a degree in public health and a master’s degree in economic analysis and international development. She has worked in France and internationally, in the humanitarian and development sector, with a multitude of national and international organisations (UNDP, Expertise France, AFD, GIZ, MSF, various Ministries of Health and central purchasing agencies).

Linda Gracious Mudyiwenyama

Ms. Linda Gracious Mudyiwenyama is an RAC-certified regulatory affairs professional. Trained as a Pharmacist in Zimbabwe, she has an MSc in Pharmacy Administration and Policy Regulation from the University of Western Cape, South Africa. She has worked for the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe for 10 years and has been involved in several initiatives locally, regionally, and internationally. She is currently the Rapporteur of the African Blood Regulator’s Forum, which aims to facilitate access to quality, safe and affordable blood products for all people of Africa through continental enhancement of the work of the Regional Economic Communities. Linda is also a member of the WHO Advisory Group on Blood Regulation Availability and Safety. Her passion is promoting the use of regulatory science in National Medicines Regulatory Authorities to support regulatory decision-making and policy development with the ultimate goal of ensuring access to safe, efficacious, and good-quality medicines to the population of Africa.

Ulysee Ngoa

Ulysse is a global health and health regulatory expert. He is

trained as a Medical Doctor. He has a PhD in Immunology from Leiden University in the Netherlands. He also has experience in the private sector with Novartis/Sandoz. Within the QUAMED team, he will be fully focused on regulatory issues and first and foremost working on reinforcing the regulatory authorities in Senegal in collaboration with ENABEL.

Hugo Agostinho

Hugo Agostinho is Portuguese and has an academic background in Chemical and Industrial Engineering. He worked with a multitude of international organizations, including MSF and Gavi, across multiple African and Asian countries and sectors such as Logistics, Immunisation Supply Chain and Water and sanitation. He works with a focus on Program and Project Management, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning and Continuous Improvement.

Most recently, he collaborated with Gavi in the design and coordination of an evaluation of the implementation of a project to introduce a Refrigerated Vehicle for the Transportation of Vaccines (RVTV).

He also regularly advises the international NGO People in Need on the development and continued expansion of SMART indicators for the IndiKit database of humanitarian aid and development projects.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of recognized professionals with extensive international experience in quality and access to medicines.

Cecile Macé

Cecile Macé is a public health pharmacist with a degree in tropical diseases. Her main skills are procurement, quality assurance of health products, and access and rational use of medicines. She has worked in Africa for more than ten years and has worked with MSF, the International Union Against Tuberculosis, WHO, and UNDP, among others.

Daniel Berman

Daniel is the Head of Global Health at a London-based innovation foundation called Nesta. He is a founding member of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Access to Medicines Campaign, where quality assurance of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics is a key element. Prior to moving to London, he was a full-time consultant to the WHO in Ethiopia on a government project to support local pharmaceutical companies, including GMP. Prior to that, he was managing director of MSF Southern Africa, based in Johannesburg.

Daniel Vandenbergh

Daniel Vandenbergh is a public health pharmacist, with more than 30 years of experience in various technical domains related to public health, PSM (Procurement and Supply Management) and LMIS (Logistics Management Information Systems). He has an in-depth knowledge of French-speaking African countries, both in Western and Central Africa, but has worked also in several English-speaking African countries (Zimbabwe, Liberia, Malawi). He also implemented missions in Asia (Lebanon, India, Cambodia).

Edwin de Voogd

Edwin has an economic background and over 30 years of experience in business management in the food and pharmaceutical industries, mainly in emerging markets. Initially in the private sector and later at the crossroads where private sector organisations collaborate with NGOs and public health organisations. Over the past 14 years, he has specialised in building sustainable procurement, supply chain and distribution programmes for humanitarian healthcare programmes and partnerships between donors, NGOs, manufacturers and beneficiaries. Edwin has been working with Quamed since 2012 and joined the association as a member this year.

Melanie Kempster

Melanie is a public health professional with 17 years of experience supporting programs in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. She has been the Global Health and Nutrition Director for Relief International since early 2020. Prior to that she has worked in a range of public health roles including for MERLIN and CARE International, and as a part-time consultant for the WHO.

Patrick Lukulay

Dr Patrick Lukulay is a globally recognised leader in the area of pharmaceutical QA. He holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry. He is a public health professional and a pharmaceutical scientist with many years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. He has worked with Pfizer Inc. as a Senior Principal Scientist where he led teams to develop methods and specifications for the development of new drug candidates, and with Wyeth Research as Senior Research Scientist where he led a team of analytical scientists to support drug discovery efforts. As a former director and vice president at United States Pharmacopeia, he led the USAID-funded Promoting the Quality of Medicines Program where he oversaw the growth of the program to build the capacity of regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical companies in developing countries including South East Asia, Latin America, and Sub-Saharan Africa. He has recently founded Technology Solutions for Global Health (Tech4Health), in Ghana intending to increase the competitiveness of the African pharmaceutical industry in manufacturing quality-assured medicines. His greatest achievements include serving on the US National Academy of Medicine committee to assess the state of drug and regulation quality globally.

Arsène Ouadragao

Dr Ouedrago has considerable experience in strengthening the pharmaceutical system in the regulation, supply and management of pharmaceutical facilities. He was part of the fight against the Ebola Virus outbreak in Guinea as an epidemiological pharmacist in charge of managing the supply chain of health products in emergencies. He has worked for the WHO/Burkina country office (2013-2018). He has provided support for the development of pharmaceutical policies, strategic supply plans, quality assurance plans for health products, and pharmacovigilance development plans in 23 countries, including Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Benin, Chad, Mali, Senegal, Niger, DRC and Guinea. He currently provides support to countries with the collaboration of the WHO Communicable Diseases Unit. Since August 2018, he has covered 13 priority and 8 non-priority francophone countries until January 2021. Currently, he is providing technical assistance to 7 priority and 8 non-priority countries.

The QUAMED Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

The QUAMED Technical Advisory Group is a consultative body and a “space” for technical discussion on issues related the QUAMED technical activities. Its mission is to advise and guide QUAMED’s Board of Directors and the operational team. The QUAMED Technical Advisory Group can be solicited by a QUAMED Operational team member or a QUAMED Board of Director member. All questions or requests are communicated to the relevant advisors.

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