Exciting News About QUAMED: Dr. Patrick H. Lukulay Appointed as President

The QUAMED board of directors had its annual in-person meeting in Brussels last week.

We are pleased to announce that the board of directors has appointed Dr. Patrick Lukulay, Ph.D. as President of our association. In that capacity, he will chair the QUAMED board of directors.

He is replacing Daniel Vandenbergh who has been the chair of the board of directors since QUAMED was created as an NGO in 2016. We thank Daniel for his commitment and his excellent support. We are very happy that he will remain on as a board member.

Our new chair, Dr. Lukulay, is a graduate of the University of Sierra Leone, the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, UK, and Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI USA where he earned a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry

He has served as Principal Research Scientist at Wyeth pharmaceutical company in New York and then at Pfizer in Ann Arbor, Michigan where for several years, he headed Pfizer’s analytical chemistry research team in support of drug discovery and development.

Later in his career, he joined US Pharmacopeia (USP) in Maryland as Director of its flagship USAID-funded Drug quality program and then later served as the Vice President of the Global Public Health Division.

Patrick has received several awards including the Distinguished Alumnus award from the College of Natural Science at Michigan State University.

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