Managing Health Supplies in Emergencies: 2023 Education Series Highlights

Reposted from the International Association of Public Health Logisticians :

Returning to our engaging June session, the 2023 Education Series illuminated “Health Supply Handling in Emergencies.”

Quick Glance: Attached is a bitesize Q&A snapshot, and if you’re keen, catch the recording!

Cold Chain Mastery: Learn how we are cold chain on the move:

  • Crisp SOPs for emergencies shared across HFs.
  • Skilled team with carriers, ice bags & thermometers.
  • Ice bags + thermometers = Spot-on temps.
  • Log-Tag tech ensures precision tracking.

Smart Self-Assessment: Peek into rapid self-assessment:

  • Pharmacist-led, 4-week process.
  • Clear scoping paves the way.
  • Kenya’s August tradition: Annual warehouse check.

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