Webinar: Local Procurement vs. International Procurement on the 18th of November

QUAMED would like to congratulate JSI on the organisation of an excellent webinar on local procurement vs. international procurement on the 18th of November. A great presentation by IMC highlighted the main issues in the specific case of Iraq.

Prequalification of local suppliers using WHO standards is not an easy thing to do and we comment the IMC team for their work.

QUAMED has recently conducted GSDP assessments of 14 pharmaceutical wholesalers in Baghdad, Erbil and Duhok and are planning to assess 8 more early next year. We started these assessments on the request of Intersos, Cordaid, Malteser International, MDM-France, Relief International, UPP, IRC, MDM-Spain and PUI. They also jointly funded the assessments.

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