Wrapping Up GSDP Audits in Eastern DRC: A Collaborative Endeavor

This week, our auditor Jean-Christophe Pelissier is wrapping up the last of three GSDP audits in Eastern DRC. He inspected the CDRs CAMESKI in Bukavu, CADIMEBU in Bunia, and CAAMENIHU in Aru. His reports will be available in the QUAMED database by the end of September. In the picture, he is conducting the audit in Bunia. These 3 audits were funded by CAMESKI, CAAMENIHU, MEMISA Belgium, PUI and MEDAIR.

We would like to thank the three CDRs for their collaboration and for their logistical support. We would also like to thank the PUI mission in Goma for their indispensable support in the organization of this local market assessment.

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